“THE RADHA KRISHNA TEMPLE” ALBUM – Personal Accounts of People Getting Attracted To Krishna Consciousness Through It

The London Devotees singing Hare Krishna with George Harrison

George was known throughout the world as a popular musician with the Beatles. As a musical group they changed the world in hairstyles, attitude, and youth culture. But what did George end up doing for me and for many other devotees around the world? He introduced us to Krishna consciousness in such a way that we weren’t reached before. Because of him I bought my first copy of the Gītā, and it was through George that I heard the chants and the songs of the Radha Krishna Temple.

Robert  Koenig, Mineola , New York

I FIRST MET Hare Krishna devotees in the winter of 1971. I was a sophomore (second-year student) at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, about sixty-five miles north of Denver. I saw four or five devotees with shaven heads and saffron robes chanting in front of the Student Union building.

“Wow!” I thought. “What next?”

I started walking the other way, when suddenly Continue reading



Govindam Adi Purusam Tam Aham Bhajami  |  Download

Srila Prabhupada Pranati  |  Download

Samsara Davanala  Lidha Loka (Sri Gurvastakam)  |  Download

Bhaja bhakata vatsala Gaura Hari & Gaura Arati  |  Download

Hare Krishna mantra  |  Download

Om Purnam Adah (Isopanisad)  |  Download

Bhajahu Re Man  |  Download

Govinda Jaya Jaya Gopala Jaya Jaya  |  Download

In 1968, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada sent three couples, who were his disciples, to London to try and establish a temple of Krishna in the city. The devotees happened to meet George Harrison, a member of the famous Beatles band. George informed Śyāmasundara Dasa, that John Lennon and he Continue reading


Jagannathah svāmī nayana-patha-gāmī bhavatu me.

“Oh! Lord of the universe, please be present before me.”

San Francisco Ratha Yatra 1975

Address by  Visnujana Swami       Listen | Download

Ratha Yatra Kirtan 01     Listen | Download

Ratha Yatra Kirtan 02     Listen | Download

Ratha Yatra Kirtan 03     Listen | Download

The Festival of India-USA

Ratha Yatra Kirtan 01     Listen | Download

Ratha Yatra Kirtan 02     Listen | Download

Prabhupada Chants The Hare Krishna Mantra

Listen to Srila Prabhupada singing the Hare Krishna mantra.

It will cleanse the mirror of your heart. Listening to Krishna’s holy name is the beginning of devotional service. It can deliver us from the mire of material existence and transfer us back to Godhead.

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