By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Durga is working under the direction of Krishna – Without surrendering to Krishna, no one can get out of the clutches of Durga (Bg7.14)

But those who have no information how this Durgā is there, they think that by worshiping, by pleasing goddess Durgā, they’ll be happy. No. Pleasing means you have to abide by the laws of the durga, material world. Otherwise, Durgā will take her trident and pierce on the chest of the asura. Durgā is controlling. The asura is also a living entity within this durga (fortress). So those who are asuras – those who are not cultivating Krishna consciousness, they are asuras – for them, Durgā’s trident is on the chest of the asura. You have seen that picture.

So you cannot get out of this durga simply by bribing, by satisfying. You have to satisfy Durgā in a different way.

Just like… These are very easy to understand, that if you are in prison house, if you satisfy the superintendent of jail, somehow… I have seen in Delhi that one man was… He was a very nice young gentleman, and he was typing. He was a fair gentleman, very nice looking young man. So I talked with him, “What is your case of condemnation coming?” So he acted as a spy in some government secretarial department. So he was put into prison for ten years. But he was educated, he was intelligent, and he pleased the superintendent of jail. Therefore, instead of keeping him in ordinary cell, he was put into the office and type.

Now, try to understand. This prisoner, by satisfying the superintendent of jail, he is little given concession not to be placed in ordinary cell, but he is working in the office as a typist. Or he is given some… Or there are many political prisoners, they are given first-class bungalow, first-class residence, and all facilities. But the superintendent of police has no power to release him. That is not possible.

Similarly, by bribing or by satisfying Durgā, you can get a comfortable position within this material world, but your real business is how to get out of it. That Durgā cannot give. Harim vinā na mrtim taranti. So long you do not come to the shelter of Krishna… Mām eva prapadyante māyām etām taranti te [Bg. 7.14]. Unless you surrender to Krishna, there is no possibility of getting out of the clutches of māyā. That is not possible.

(An excerpt from a lecture delivered on CC Madhya 6.151-154, Gorakhpur, Feb 14, 1971)



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