By chanting Hare Krishna, I can understand “Who I am”

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

You may inquire why we chant Hare Krishna.

“Hare Krishna” was chanted by Lord Chaitanya, who introduced this movement five hundred years ago in India. We are following the footprints of Lord Chaitanya. Because He chanted Hare Krishna, therefore we are also chanting Hare Krishna.

Lord Chaitanya dancing ecstatically to the transcendental chant of Hare Krishna

Lord Chaitanya dancing ecstatically to the transcendental chant of Hare Krishna

Lord Chaitanya has recommended that God has innumerable names, and any one of those names can be chanted, and there are no hard and fast rules and regulations for chanting. It is not that you have to prepare yourself or you have to educate yourself or you have to adjust yourself for chanting. No. Everyone can chant Hare Krishna. Similarly, there is no preoccupation or any rules and regulations.

So the benefit will be that Continue reading

The three stages of chanting Hare Krishna mantra

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

By chanting Hare Krishna mantra one becomes free from sinful reaction. Not only that, he becomes very soon a devotee. Not only does he become free from all sinful reactions of his life, but his mind becomes fixed up in the lotus feet of Krishna. So try to understand what is the result of chanting. By the offenseless chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, we remain freed from all sinful reaction of life and our attachment for the Supreme Lord in devotional service increases.

Prabhupada in Tompkins Square Park

Prabhupada chanting the Hare Krishna mantra

There was an argument between Haridasa Thakura and a brahmana. Haridasa Thakura said that by the offenseless chanting of the holy name of Lord, one not only does one become free, not only does he become brahma-bhuta (liberated), but his love of Godhead manifests. The dormant love of Godhead manifests and automatically he is liberated. So that brahmana protested that “Don’t exaggerate your chanting in this way. One becomes liberated after performing Continue reading

The Shastric process is the lowest stage of Devotional Service: We have to rise above it

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

You cannot enjoy with covered senses. Suppose I cover your tongue with some cloth and then I give you one rasagulla (a rich Bengali sweet). Can you taste it? If you cover the the real senses, and try to enjoy with that covering, what will you enjoy? That is not enjoyment. The tongue has to be uncovered. Then you’ll enjoy. That is indicated: sarvopādhi-vinirmuktam tat-paratvena nirmalam [Cc. Madhya 19.170]. These upādhis (designations) … Because I am in bodily concept of life, therefore I am thinking, “I am American,” “I am Indian,” “I am Hindu,” “I am Muslim,” “I am black,” “I am white,” “I am man,” “I am woman,” “I am tree,” “I am this,” “I am that.” This is called covering. How can you enjoy with these covered senses?

Raganuga Bhakti.jpg

So you have to uncover. You have to discover. That discovering process is devotional service. The more you are engaged in devotional service, the more your senses become pure or uncovered and when it is completely uncovered, without any designation, then you are capable to serve Krishna.

This is apprenticeship, or vaidhī-bhakti. Real bhakti, parā-bhakti, is rāgānugā-bhakti, or sponaneous loving devotion. This rāgānugā-bhakti is reached after Continue reading


By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

Arjuna says, sarvam etad rtam manye yad vadasi keśava: [Bg. 10.14] “My dear Krishna, whatever you say, I accept it in total.” Without any interpretation.

Bhagavad gita As It Is

But the rascals accept this Bhagavad-gita on the principle of ardha-kukkutī-nyāya. In the nyāya śāstra, there is a logic called ardha-kukkutī-nyāya. Kukkuti means the hen. The hen gives one egg every day. So the proprietor of the hen is considering that “This hen is very good. It is giving one egg every day. But its Continue reading


By Niraj Bidawatka

There was a headline in today’s newspaper which read, “Body of a Woman Found in Guesthouse.” There is syntax error in this headline. Since our aim is to discuss about the soul, I have specifically chosen this story. Those who are not interested in matters pertaining to the soul will find this post very boring and taxing. They might even dose off, if they were to be forcibly made to hear this discussion. But thankfully, since one has the liberty to close this webpage, there is no danger of falling asleep.

scientists and inventors

Warning: This blogpost may strain and spin the brain of a person who has no interest in understanding the science of the soul

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Bhagavad Gita Tutorial: Chapter 1 verse 28-29 – This “OWN-MEN” Question is Prominent Everywhere

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

arjuna uvāca

drstvemam svajanam krsna

yuyutsum samupasthitam

sīdanti mama gātrāni

mukham ca pariśusyati

[Bg. 1.28]

vepathuś ca śarīre me

roma-harsaś ca jāyate

gāndīvam sramsate hastāt

tvak caiva paridahyate

[Bg. 1.29]


“Arjuna said: My dear Krishna, seeing my friends and relatives present before me in such a fighting spirit, I feel the limbs of my body quivering and my mouth drying up. My whole body is trembling, and my hair is standing on end. My bow Gandiva is slipping from my hand, and my skin is burning.”

So Arjuna was not a coward. He was a competent warrior. But still, dehātma-buddhi, the bodily concept of life is so strong… That Arjuna admits, drstvā tu svajanam krsna: [Bg. 1.28] “My dear Krishna, I have to kill my own men.” What is that “own men”? “Own men” means this bodily relationship. Why others are not own men?

Everyone is “own man”. Because everyone is Krishna’s son. So when one becomes Krishna conscious, he can see everyone as “own man”. And when one is not Krishna conscious, he simply sees “own men” where there is bodily relationship. This is the defect.

They are advertising, humanitarian work, philanthropic work, communism, this “ism,” but when there is question of bodily relationship, immediately everything is changed. You know that in the Communist country, Khruschev was driven out because he was patronizing his own men. That was the defect. So you can advertise that “I am for everyone,” but there is affection for own men. Nepotism. It’s called nepotism. So many big, big leaders. Our Jawaharhal Nehru, he was sending his own men as ambassador. Vijaya Lakshmi, a woman, she was being sent as ambassador. She was high commissioner here. So this “own men” question is very prominent everywhere.

So Arjuna is a great warrior. He could fight all the soldiers, all the fighting men, who had assembled with fighting spirit (yuyutsu). We can very easily kill other men, even if they are not in a fighting spirit, but we hesisate when the fight involves own men, even if they are in a fighting spirit. Why? Because they are “own men”.


So this “own-manship,” in relationship with the body, is the barrier for spiritual understanding. So long this conception of life will exist, that “I am this body, and anyone who is related with this body, they are my own men, kinsmen, relatives…” This conception of life is the greatest barrier for advancing in spiritual consciousness. Therefore the Vedic civilization is so planned that one has to give up this rascal “own men” conception. That is called vairāgya. Continue reading

Democracy is a farce – So many rascals are elected simply by votes

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

krishna and Kamsa

Lord Krishna kills Kamsa, His maternal uncle

Arjuna was a great warrior, fighter, and for a ksatriya, to kill one is not a very difficult task. The ksatriyas are trained up. Hunting is allowed for the ksatriyas. Just like medical practitioners, they are trained up how to practice surgical operation on dead body. Of course, it is not possible for a gentleman, to push knife in someone’s body. It is naturally a very difficult thing. But rogues and thieves, they can stab. So as the doctors, medical men, surgeons are trained up to operate their knife on the dead body to see where are the nerves, similarly, ksatriyas are also allowed (to hunt) for being trained “how to kill”. Ksatriya means ksat. Ksat means injury. And tra means trāyate (saves). A ksatriya has to save the citizens from being injured by others. Brāhmana means one who knows brahma, the supreme. So brāhmana, ksatriya, vaiśya, śūdra – these divisions are there according to quality. Guna-karma-vibhāgaśah [Bg. 4.13]. By guna. Guna means quality. And karma means actual operation of the guna. Continue reading


Letters of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

correct sexual ettiquette and spiritual family planning

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada – The eternal Spiritual Master of the Hare Krishna Revolution

Regarding your question: “What is the correct sexual etiquette for a strict Grhastha; and what is spiritual family planning?” Unless one wants to Continue reading

The Real Aim of Yoga is to get rid of this material body – It’s aim is not to keep the body fit and young

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

SB verse 3.19.25-28

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 3, Chapter 19, Text 25


The demon now began to strike the Lord with his hard fists, but Lord Adhoksaja slapped him in the root of the ear, even as Indra, the lord of the Maruts, hit the demon Vrtra.


The Lord is explained here to be adhoksaja, beyond the reach of all material calculation. Aksaja means “the measurement of our senses,” and adhoksaja means “that which is beyond the measurement of our senses.”


SB 3.19.26



Though struck indifferently by the Lord, the conqueror of all, the demon’s body began to wheel. His eyeballs bulged out of their sockets. His arms and legs broken and the hair on his head scattered, he fell down dead, like a gigantic tree uprooted by the wind.


It does not take even a moment for the Lord to kill any powerful demon, including Hiranyaksa. The Lord could have killed him long before, but He allowed the demon to display the full extent of his magical feats. One may know that by magical feats, by scientific advancement of knowledge or by material power one cannot become the equal of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His one signal is sufficient to destroy all our attempts. His inconceivable power, as displayed here, is so strong that the demon, despite all his demoniac maneuvers, was killed by the Lord when the Lord desired, simply by one slap.

SB 3.19.27



Aja [Brahmā] and others arrived on the spot to see the fearfully tusked demon lying on the ground, biting his lip. The glow of his face was yet unfaded, and Brahmā admiringly said: Oh, who could meet such blessed death?


Although the demon was dead, his bodily luster was unfaded. This is very peculiar because when a man or animal is dead, the body immediately becomes pale, the luster gradually fades, and decomposition takes place. But here, although Hiranyaksa lay dead, his bodily luster was unfaded because the Lord, the Supreme Spirit, was touching his body. One’s bodily luster remains fresh only as long as the spirit soul is present. Although the demon’s soul had departed his body, the Supreme Spirit touched the body, and therefore his bodily luster did not fade. The individual soul is different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One who sees the Supreme Personality of Godhead when he quits his body is certainly very fortunate, and therefore personalities like Brahmā and the other demigods eulogized the death of the demon.

SB 3.19.28



Brahmā continued: He was struck by a forefoot of the Lord, whom yogis, seeking freedom from their unreal material bodies, meditate upon in seclusion in mystic trance. While gazing on His countenance, this crest jewel of Diti’s sons has cast off his mortal coil.


The process of yoga is very clearly described in this verse of Srimad-Bhāgavatam. It is said here that the ultimate end of the yogis and mystics who perform meditation is to get rid of this material body. Therefore they meditate in Continue reading

How to diminish unwanted things – the things that make us unhappy?

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

In the name of civilization, we have unnecessarily increased so many unwanted things. This is called anartha. Artha means which is substance. We can give so many examples. When there was no so-called advancement of civilization, people used to eat on utensils made of silver, gold, at least metal. Now they are using plastic. And still, they are proud of advancement of civilization. Actually it is anartha, unwanted things.

Two hundred years ago, at least, in India, there was no industry. But people were so happy. They did not have to go two hundred miles or five hundred miles away from home for earning livelihood. In Europe and America, I see that people are going for earning their livelihood by aeroplane as daily passengers. I’ve seen. From Vancouver, they were coming to Montreal and other places. Five hundred miles. At least fifty miles, one must go. In New York, many people are coming from distant place, such as Long Islands, crossing the sea, and then again bus, again… Anartha, simply unnecessary.

Giving class to devotees

Devotees listening to Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on the Srimad Bhagavatam. Hearing about the Lord’s glories can remove all obstacles.

Chanakya Pandita says that “Who is happy?” He says, “The man who does not go out of home, and who is not a debtor – he is happy.” Very simple thing. So now we see everyone is out of home, and everyone is a great debtor. So how can you be happy? In America the bank canvasses that “You take money, you purchase motorcar, you purchase your house, and, as soon as you get your salary, you give me.” That’s all. Finished. You take the card… American… What is it called? Am-card?

Shyamasundara: Bankamericard.

Prabhupada: “Bank-card” or something. “Bank-rupt.” (laughter) You see? So you take the card and you purchase whatever you like. And deposit your money in the bank. Then again, you are without any money. Simply that card. That’s all.

So actually we are creating anarthas. Anarthas means unwanted things. anarthopaśamam sāksād bhakti-yogam adhoksaje [SB 1.7.6]. If one is engaged in bhakti-yoga practice, devotional service, immediately the anarthas will be diminished. Just like our students. Since they have joined this Krishna consciousness movement… They were all Americans, Europeans. They knew how to increase anarthas, unwanted things. It is confirmed. Immediately they have given up the cinema bill, the club bill, the intoxication bill, the gambling bill, and so many bills. And medical bill also. We don’t pay very much medical bill. That’s a fact.

So actually Krishna consciousness movement is so nice that if one takes to it, immediately he reduces so many rascal Continue reading