Experiencing The Soul

By Niraj Bidawatka

Experience the soul by chanting Hare Krishna

“I am not this body; I am the spirit soul” The soul is making the body move. If the soul is not present in it, the body will not function. But one may question that if the soul is present in the body, how is it that we cannot see it? This can be very easily understood. A bulb is emanating light because of the electric current. However we cannot see the current. But because the bulb is working, we deduce that the electric power is also there. If the electric supply is cut-off then the bulb won’t light up. Thus the electric current is the soul of the bulb.

The modern scientists deny the existence of the soul by citing that they have had no sensual experience of it. But that is not a very reasonable argument. No sane man would like to personally experience the electric current (doing that would mean getting a shock or even losing one’s life) because he knows that if the bulb is emanating light, electric supply is also present. Similarly if the body is working, then it means the soul is also present. The difference between a dead body and living body is the spirit soul.

We cannot see the spirit soul because it is spiritual in nature whereas our eyes are material. Once our eyes are spiritualized by the chanting of the Hare Krishna mahamantra, then we can see the soul and the Supersoul.

The origin of the electric current that is lighting up the bulb is the electric power-house. Similarly the soul, due to which the body is functioning, is getting life from the Supersoul, or Krishna (nityo nityanām cetanaś cetanānām).


2 thoughts on “Experiencing The Soul

  1. Dear Mr. Bidawatka,

    Great article! God is omnipresent & we can always see him if we are very keen as explained in previous article.

    It is heartening to note that the author has, for a change, not aggressively degraded someone else; the dig about scientists not believing in the existence of Krishna cannot be generalised, for I am sure, they too believe in HIM.

    Keep writing such articles in regular frequency, giving us lesser mortals the opportunity to connect with the Powerhouse.


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