Little Drops of Prabhupada Nectar – 1

By Satsvarupa das Gosvami

Spreading Krishna consciousness in India often meant that Prabhupāda went with his disciples to honor prasādam at people’s homes. Thus, eating became a form of service to Krishna.

When Girirāja dāsa first arrived in India, he was used to strict training as a brahmacārī, and his personal habit was to be particularly reserved about accepting any sweets. On one occasion, however, Prabhupāda saw that his disciple’s austerity was causing discomfort to their host.

The father of the man who had invited Prabhupāda to eat had repeatedly tried to give Girirāja a second rasagullā, but Girirāja kept refusing. Since Girirāja was sitting quite close to Prabhupāda, he did not want Prabhupāda to think that he was a sense enjoyer, so for that reason also he staunchly refused to accept the rasagullā from the elderly father of the host. Finally, when the man came around again to coax Girirāja, Śrīla Prabhupāda glanced lovingly at Girirāja and said, “You can take a sweet to make an old man happy.” Girirāja accepted another sweet.

[An excerpt from “Prabhupāda Nectar” – Part II, Chapter 35]


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