What benefit do ISKCON get if I join in it?

Answer by Niraj Bidawatka:

It is YOU, who stands to benefit. What benefit can you give to ISKCON? Nothing! What do you have? You have got nothing except a rotten body which is subject to  disease and death. Maybe, you might be possessing some amount of money, but that money is also rotten and insufficient because your money cannot buy happiness. Nor can your money stop death and disease. Since you don’t possess anything worthwhile, there is no benefit that ISKCON can derive from you. In fact, ISKCON was established to give benefit to mankind at large. ISKCON already has the mercy of Krishna – it doesn’t need any so-called “benefit” from rotten souls like you and me.

What benefit do ISKCON get if I join in it?


2 thoughts on “What benefit do ISKCON get if I join in it?

  1. Hare Krishna hare hare
    Krishna Krishna hare hare
    Hare Rama hare Rama
    Rama Rama hare hare

    Krishna is every thing in world.
    Hare Krishna
    Hari bol.


  2. Firstly ISKCON is not an individual; but as a organisation, it is a group of people trying to be collective in “Sangh” have good sangat and ashirwad of devotion from senior bhakts/devotees under guidance of gyani guru- all are in the process – at different levels to achieve a common goal to go spiritually in sat guna and have higher conciousness to get mercy of Krishna through the guru-sishya parampara – so this benefits all; but more to the person who joins this group at the initial starting-as the pure gyan-knowledge from learned people is available freely and one has to just surrender and flow. The Flow is not benefited or affected. The people making it flow are on higher level of giving; you have to first start and cross to be at higher level to become capable to give. So and you are going to take from them nobody can take benefit until you cross to higher level.


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