The following lectures on the 5th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam were given by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in Vrindavan, the holy abode of Krishna. So please listen to them and make your human life successful. It is said that the perfection of human birth is the remembrance of Lord Krishna at the time of death (ante narayana smrtih ). If one can remember Krishna at the time of death, then that is the greatest achievement for the living entity because such a person gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death, and goes back to Godhead. This remembrance can be achieved only when we associate and hear with the pure devotees of the Lord. So here is your opportunity to associate with the pure devotee of Krishna, Srila Prabhupada and hear him speak about the supreme science of Bhakti-yoga. So do not miss the chance. These are very rare lectures and you are getting them without paying any price. So be intelligent and take advantage. There is nothing to lose but what you stand to gain is enormous.

To refer to the quoted Sanskrit texts with their english equivalents, download a free e-copy of the 5th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam.

SB 5-05-06   1976-10-28   Civilization = Degradation             Listen | Download
SB 5-05-07   1976-10-29   Fully Extended Self-Interest       Listen | Download
SB 5-05-08   1976-10-30   Remain with Celibacy & be Happy   Listen | Download
SB 5-05-09   1976-10-31   Being with Krishna Is Fact             Listen | Download
SB 5-05-10   1976-11-01   Simple Living      Listen | Download
SB 5-05-15   1976-11-03   Not Brainwashing–Brain Cleaning   Listen | Download
SB 5-05-16   1976-11-04   Envious Monkey Business            Listen | Download
SB 5-05-17   1976-11-05   ‘Classless’ Means –etc   Listen | Download
SB 5-05-18   1976-11-06   Guru Shouldn’t Cheat Disciple    Listen | Download
SB 5-05-19   1976-11-07   Spiritual Eye Surgery       Listen | Download
SB 5-05-20   1976-11-08  Whole Planet Belongs to Krishna     Listen | Download
SB 5-05-21   1976-11-09   Evolved Consciousness   Listen | Download
SB 5-05-23   1976-11-10   Culture-Brahminical or Animal    Listen | Download
SB 5-05-24   1976-11-11   Transcendental Goodness           Listen | Download
SB 5-05-25   1976-11-12   Hog Intestines or Halava               Listen | Download
SB 5-05-26   1976-11-13   Krishna Is Within the Atom          Listen | Download
SB 5-05-27   1976-11-14   The Greatest Bewilderment       Listen | Download
SB 5-05-28   1976-11-15   Maharajas and Maha-rascals      Listen | Download
SB 5-05-29   1976-11-16   Peace Impossible             Listen | Download         
SB 5-05-32   1976-11-19   Krishna Movement Can’t Be Killed   Listen | Download
SB 5-05-33   1976-11-20   Ask Rascal Incarnations –etc       Listen | Download
SB 5-05-34   1976-11-21   Brahmacari Escapes Tribulation  Listen | Download
SB 5-06-03   1976-11-25   Never Trust Your Mind  Listen | Download
SB 5-06-04   1976-11-26   The Unchaste Mind        Listen | Download
SB 5-06-05   1976-11-27   Divine Couple                    Listen | Download
SB 5-06-06   1976-11-28   Krishna’s Criminal and Civil Depts.   Listen | Download
SB 5-06-07   1976-11-29   Mayavadis Think Krishna Is Maya   Listen | Download
SB 5-06-08   1976-11-30   Fire Brigade Cannot –etc              Listen | Download 


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