In conversation with His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Srila Prabhupada on a morning walk with His disciples

Prabhupada: What is the basic philosophy for contraception…, contraceptive action?

Svarupa Damodara: Philosophy?

Prabhupada: Yes. Why do they prefer contraceptive method?

Svarupa Damodara: Their point being to reduce the population.

Prabhupada: Reduce the population.

Svarupa Damodara: Yes. Not to increase.

Prabhupada: But population is increasing. You take the statistics. The world population is increasing, it is not decreasing.

Svarupa Damodara: It is increasing, but not as fast as the…

Prabhupada: Anyway, it is increasing; it is not decreasing. And besides that, there is no such restriction among the birds and beast.  A cat, a dog, a hog, give birth—one dozen children at a time. And twice in a year. So increasing population is more there. They have got more capacity. So they are not fasting.

Svarupa Damodara: They are saying that because of our medical science, the number of deaths are decreasing. The number of births are increasing, and death, the rate is decreasing because of medical science.

Prabhupada: Due to medical science, death is…?

Brahmananda: Decreasing. People are living longer.

Prabhupada: It is all nonsense. Who lives now hundred years? Thirty, forty, fifty—finished. It is another nonsense. At the present age, does anybody live like his grandfather? No. No. That’s not a fact. At the present moment the maximum years, eighty years. Formerly they were living a hundred years. My grandmother lived for ninety-six years.

Svarupa Damodara: They take a statistical average, they call. That means the average number of people living now, they have longer lives, on the average.

Prabhupada: Average duration of life in India is thirty years. Thirty years. It has decreased.

[Morning walk, Los Angeles, May 4, 1973]



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