By Niraj Bidawatka

There was a headline in today’s newspaper which read, “Body of a Woman Found in Guesthouse.” There is syntax error in this headline. Since our aim is to discuss about the soul, I have specifically chosen this story. Those who are not interested in matters pertaining to the soul will find this post very boring and taxing. They might even dose off, if they were to be forcibly made to hear this discussion. But thankfully, since one has the liberty to close this webpage, there is no danger of falling asleep.

scientists and inventors

Warning: This blogpost may strain and spin the brain of a person who has no interest in understanding the science of the soul

So, “Body of a Woman” is wrong grammatical usage. The body does not belong to the woman, but to the spirit soul. The correct usage would have been, “A Female Body Found in Guesthouse.” The phrase “Body of a Woman” suggests that the woman possesses a body. But the fact is that the woman does not possess a body. In fact, “woman” is a type of body; the other type of body being the male body. The body may be compared to a car and the soul to the driver of the car. Modern passenger cars are generally of two types – notchbacks and hatchbacks. Would you say, “Car of a Notchback Found”? No. “A Notchback Car Found” would be the correct usage. It is already understood that the car belongs to a human being. Similarly it is understood that the body belongs to the spirit soul. But since modern education does not provide any knowledge of the soul, such types of mistakes, as found in the above mentioned newspaper headline, are common. Even self-realized souls have to talk in such commonly used day-to-day language, when they are dealing with worldly men so that there is no confusion in communication. But we, as students of Krishna consciousness must always be aware of the difference between the body and the soul at all times.

The previous paragraph, I am sure, must have really strained and spun the brain of a person who has no knowledge of the soul. But the meaning would be crystal clear to those who know the science of the soul. Nonetheless, those who are eager to understand the soul will not give up this important subject matter but try to understand it. But those who are not interested in knowing the higher self but instead want to enjoy their senses to the fullest, will dismiss this article as something crazy.

So those who have not understood but are eager to understand, are requested to post their queries below in the comments section so that we may address them. Hare Krishna!

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