By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

So God is nitya (eternal). He is one – singular number, and we are being ruled. We are plural number. This is the difference. And how is He ruling the plural number? Eko yo bahūnām vidadhāti kāmān. He’s supplying all the necessities of life of all these plural number; therefore He’s īśvara, He’s Krishna, He’s God. One who provides all the necessities of life is īśvara – He’s Krishna, He’s God. So we can very well understand that we are being maintained by Krishna, and why should we not be ruled by Him?

This is a fact. Now, you can see that so many food grains are growing in this village, Mayapur, but who is supplying? That is Krishna. It is not possible to grow these food grains in your factory. No. That is not possible. He’s helping us. He has stated in the Bhagavad-gita, annād bhavanti bhūtāni [Bg. 3.14]. Unless you eat sufficiently, unless you have food grains in stock, you cannot flourish (bhavanti means flourishing). So both animals and men, they must eat sufficiently. There must be sufficient food grain. So you cannot manufacture food grain in your factory.

You may start a very big factory, Goodyear Tyre factory, but that tyre also will not move when there is no supply of petrol. This is your position. You are dependent even for this tyre and petrol, and what to speak of this food grain. So who is supplying the food grain? The supplying person is Krishna. eko yo bahūnām vidadhāti kāmān. That singular number individual person, He is supplying.

You can say prakrti, nature is supplying. No. Nature is not supplying. Nature is the agent of supply. Real supplier is Krishna. And that is also stated in the Bhagavad-gita: mayādhyaksena prakrtih sūyate sa-carācaram [Bg. 9.10]. Nature is working under the instruction or the indication of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna.

Krishna, the Supreme Lord, under whose control, Nature, or Durga is conducting her activities

Krishna, the Supreme Lord, under whose control, Nature, or Durga is conducting her activities

In Brahma-samhita also, it is stated, srsti-sthiti-pralaya-sādhana-śaktir ekā chāyeva yasya bhuvanāni bibharti durgā [Bs. 5.44]. So nature is dependent, although nature has got this power, very extensive power – srsti-sthiti-pralaya: to create, to maintain and to annihilate. Nature has got such power and therefore she is called Durgā.

In Bengal there is a great pompous Durgā-pūjā. That is nature worship. But nature is yasya ajnayā: she is working under the order of Krishna. We Vaishnavas, it is not that we do not care for Durgā-devī. Some people, they say like that. No. We offer her all respect because she is the agent of Krishna, but we do not foolishly accept that Durgā is all in all. No. That we do not accept. Durgā is the working agent of Krishna. icchānurūpam api yasya ca cestate sa (She is working according to His will). And Krishna also confirms this: mayādhyaksena prakrtih sūyate sa-carācaram [Bg. 9.10]. Therefore Krishna is the supreme īśvara, controller.

She is conducting the activities of the material nature. But those who are mūdhas (fools and rascals), they are captivated by the wonderful action of material nature. That is called materialist. Tribhir gunamayair bhāvair mohitah. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita (7.13). They are bewildered. Nature’s business is to keep you fool always. And if you can surpass the bewilderment of material nature, if you agree to be controlled by the Supreme Controller, then your life is successful.

[An excerpt from a lecture delivered on the Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi lila 7.7 in Mayapur, West Bengal on March 9, 1974]

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