If the ultimate aim is moksha, why do people marry and lead a worldly life?

Answer by Niraj Bidawatka:

One who factually knows that the aim is “moksha“, or liberation, will never marry and lead a worldly life. Those who are living a wordly life, do not know that “moksha” is the ultimate aim. There are four “purusartha” or four aims of life – dharma (religiosity), artha (economic development), kama (sense enjoyment) and moksha (liberation).

Generally, the aim of the common man is “kama” or sense enjoyment. And for sense enjoyment he needs money, so “artha” comes comes in. If one could indulge into unlimited enjoyment without earning money, no one would ever waste ones time in working hard for a living.

In order to earn money (artha), some pious religious activities are required. Nowadays, in the modern era, money is easily available by getting some professional degree. Therefore, most of the so-called professionals such as doctors, MBAs, engineers, CAs, CFAs, etc. very proudly say that they do not believe in religiosity. Therefore they are not concerned with the first aim of life, i.e. dharma (religiosity).

Krishna, the Absolute Truth
Lord Krishna, the Absoute Truth satyam param dhimahi

However this type of religiosity, wherein one approaches God for material wealth, is also condemned because there is no love for God. One should approach God without any personal motive. God must be approached out of love.

So those who are engrossed in sense enjoyment, they do not think about God, or liberation (moksha) from this worldly life. Their sole aim of life is sense enjoyment and since they are getting enough opportunities for enjoying their senses, they do not even think about moksha (liberation). Therefore they marry and lead a worldly life.

One thinks about liberation and God, only when one realizes that, “I have been trying to satisfy my senses since a long time, but still I am not happy. Why am I uselessly toiling so hard when I am getting no tangible and substantial happiness?”

Only when a person gets disgusted with mundane sense enjoyment, does he think about moksha, or liberation. and such intelligent souls are very few. And therefore you will find that the general populace marries and leads a worldly life.

If the ultimate aim is moksha, why do people marry and lead a worldly life?

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