How do you attain Moksha?

Answer by Niraj Bidawatka:

Moksha means liberation from birth, old age, disease and death. The principal problem of our present existence is repeated birth and death. We are sure to die and once we die, we are sure to get a new birth. And a new birth means encountering the same problems that we are experiencing at the moment and going through the same struggle for existence. Therefore an intelligent person thinks about moksha, or liberation.
We can attain moksha by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. It is mentioned in the Kalisantaran Upanishad that in the present age of Kaliyuga, this Hare Krishna mantra is the only way for attaining liberation. Krishna and His holy names are non-different. The name of Krishna has immense potencies. Therefore by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, we become pure and go back home, back to Krishna.
So please chant the Hare Krishna mahamantra regularly. There is no expense in chanting this great mantra for deliverance. It is free. But the benefit is immense.
The Hare Krishna mahamantra, composed of 16 names, is as follows:

How do you attain Moksha?


5 thoughts on “How do you attain Moksha?

  1. Moksha is all very well, but we must understand Krishna’s instructions to Arjuna were not to meditate but to fight against a demonic political entity.

    How does this apply to our current situation? Who is enabling rape invasion throughout Sweden and Germany?


  2. Nice Statement.
    Kali pravesham is more in our mind which distract us now and them. Japa is the best way to keep our mind engaged and what else is there in the life other than Hari Nama kirtana.

    Bhakthi is the best way to get closer and clean our mind (Chitta Shuddhi…)
    I prefer Shravana (Listening to Stories / puranas of Hari) and specially Srimad Bhagavatham,

    Nice effort to spread God’s Message.
    Hari Om tat sat.


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