By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda



Nrsimhadeva may save you.

Lord Nrsimha, prahlāda āhlāda-dāyine, and to Hiranyakaśipu, śilā-tanka-nakhālaye.

Both ways Krishna is protecting. You can see that Vishnu has got four hands. In two hands He’s carrying śankha and cakra, and in the other two hands gadā and padma. This śankha and padma is for the devotees, and gadā and cakra for the demons.

Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gitā, paritrānāya sādhunām vināśāya ca duskrtām. He has got two businesses – to give protection to the devotees and to kill the demons. But the result is one. He does good to the demons by killing them and He does good to the devotees by giving them protection.

Nrsimhadeva will give you protection in my absence. I am now going to Japan to get personally some books printed and after that my program is to go to India. Maybe I shall be able to establish some temples there.

Of course in India there are many temples, but that does not mean that I shall also not establish some temples. Just like there is overpopulation. It does not mean that one should not beget a child. Similarly, there may be many hundreds of thousand temples in India, still our society, ISKCON, should have their own temples. That is the way since time immemorial. There are hundreds and thousands of temples.

So this is my advice to you, I am an old man, and I may not even return, that you shall continue this Krishna consciousness movement. This movement is eternal, and I shall request you to keep the standard according to the program I already have given you – the Deity worship, the kīrtana, the street sankīrtana, distribution of literatures, books. You should carry on this program with great enthusiasm. That is my request.

[Los Angeles, August 2, 1970]



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