In Conversation with His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

With Srila Prabhupada in the temple

Prabhupada: …but they will explain immediately. Explain immediately. Say so many things. One man becomes blind. They will explain, “This happened and, oh, that…” But why don’t you replace it? This is going on.

Satsvarupa: When there is a big earthquake, they will come out and say, “This happened…”

Prabhupada: “This happened, this happened, this happened.” And therefore in Bengal it is said, pāgale ki nā bale chāgale ki nā khāya: “The madman, what he does not say, and a goat, what he does not eat?”

Gurukripa: Madman?

Prabhupada: What does he not say?

Satsvarupa: He’ll say anything.

Prabhupada: He says anything nonsense. Everything they will immediately explain, “It is this.” Why this color? “And this electron and…” What is called? Proton? No? What are the names?

Satsvarupa: Electron, proton, neutron?

Prabhupada: No, no. They have got another invention. Die-N-E. What is called?

Gargamuni: DNA?

Prabhupada: DNA. In explaining, they are very expert. And if you know what is that, then why don’t you replace it? What is that DNA nonsense? Put it into use. In the classroom they’ll make: “This DNA is going this way, that way…” Now, who has made this arrangement, exactly going in the same way? You cannot manufacture – either DNA and the movements also. Actually it is very wonderful things are going.

Satsvarupa: Any explanation except Krishna. They give some alternative explanation than Krishna.

Prabhupada: That is their aim: no God.

Satsvarupa: Now these psychiatrists are doing that with our Hare Krishna. They say, “When these people… They take to Hare Krishna because of this, because of that, and when they chant this happens in their brain, and this is happening.” They don’t believe that it is anything transcendental.

Prabhupada: Yes. They say that “There is a brain. There is a tissue. There is cerebrum. On account of, they are thinking spiritually. Otherwise if it is cut off, there will be no more opportunity.” They’ll do that, brain operation. And whatever nonsense they will do, we’ll accept.

Gurukripa: They have electric.

Satsvarupa: Electric shock.

Prabhupada: Dangerous community. These scientists, the so-called, they are dangerous community. Now, if five ounce(?) sight(?) is there, “No, it should be operated. Then he will be cured.” And actually it is happening. In the hospitals they make all kinds of experiment, and if you say, “No, why you are doing that? A patient is suffering,” “We must execute our science. So long the life is there we shall try to save him.” They say like that. They will go on with all nonsense activity, and if you want to stop them, they will say, “No, our science has got so…” They take in writing that “Whatever we shall do, you cannot object.” Hospital -it is a place of demons. And as soon as they get a patient who will not protest, they’ll make it, they’ll make it and operation. No medicine, simply operate.

Gurukripa: What they do now is… What they’ve been doing is they have all these pills, and they give them to people to experiment, to see what the reaction is.

Prabhupada: Hm. That is going on. Big, big patent medicine, they will explain scientifically and give to the doctor and make experiment, and they will go on making experiment. I know this. This is their business. They’ll write, they will call for the medical students—they have learned new, new words—and they’ll pay to make a literature with bombastic scientific word, and they’ll prepare literature. This literature will be distributed and give their medicine, and they may pay them for false propaganda. This is going on to introduce new patent medicine. I know that. Simply water they will inject to get money. The patients have come, innocent, illiterate—”Do you want to be cured very quickly or little less?” He’s a laborer -he says, “Yes, sir, if you cure me.” “So then injection will be required.” He has no disease, and they’ll give some water injection, yes, and take fee. Because as soon as there is question injection, he’ll charge at least four rupees, five rupees. He has no disease. They will inject water and take four, five rupees. In India I have seen.

Gurukripa: If you need… If you have one infection in America, you know what you need—some penicillin, something to kill the infection. But the doctor will have to make all sorts of experiments to tell you what you already know.

Prabhupada: “You first of all give so much blood. So much give me, and then…”

Gurukripa: Yes. And charge you fifty dollars.

Prabhupada: Regular business. It is very difficult to consult with a doctor.

Gurukripa: And I saw the dentist. He tried to ruin one of my tooth so he could do work on that also and make more money. He tried to damage the teeth.

Prabhupada: Money is the only aim. And they will talk all nonsense and make experiment, especially in the Western countries. Here also they have got now money-making sight. Lawyers also. Any… I have seen in our relatives, big, big rich men. The brothers may sit down and make some… My father-in-law did that. They sat down, and they were two brothers, and divided his property and got two days. But those who are rascals, they go to lawyer and continually meeting—his man, his man. In this way the whole property is sold. And they get out with this. That’s all. I have seen so many cases. Then the property division means there is nothing to divide. Everything is sold, and the money was taken by the lawyers as their fees. I have seen so many cases. These real estate men? Real estate? They also. So many times they complicated our men. You know that?

Satsvarupa: The first time?

Prabhupada: Yes. They’ll promise… You have got five thousand dollars. They’ll promise 100,000 dollars’ property you’ll get, and how it will be done, this scheme, that scheme… “We’ll do this scheme, that…” Then they will take five thousand dollars from you, and they will say, “Now it is finished. Now bring more money.” Then further made… That lawyer who was trying to give me a permanent visa?

Satsvarupa: Yeah, some Greek name.

Prabhupada: Yes. Fishlington or something like that.

Satsvarupa: Mitralanti(?) or something.

Prabhupada: Ah. So he was taking every fortnightly 150 dollars by telephone, and Rayarama, he was paying. He took about five hundred, six hundred dollars and did not do anything, simply extending the date. The lawyers will plunder. The government men will plunder. The physician will plunder. Ordinary dealing, they will plunder. The shopkeepers will plunder. The… And bank will say that “You take money. You pay your bills. We’ll give you loan, we’ll charge interest. And when you get your salary, then you have to deposit it in the bank.” And they’ll adjust. And again you are penniless. Again you take loan. The social arrangement is so made that you simply depend on loan. And to earn this money you’ll have to go five hundred miles away from your home, early in the morning, in the car.

Gurukripa: And in the train.

Prabhupada: Train also. So how you can be happy? This is their civilization. You study. I have studied in your country, everywhere. This is civilization.

[An excerpt from a room conversation dated January 27, 1977 in Puri, India.]



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