By  Niraj Bidawatka

Krishna is the Ability in Man

We frequently hear sermons and discourses from our near-and-dear ones that one should not be too proud of oneself.

Nonetheless, we cannot help but be proud of ourselves when we achieve or accomplish some difficult task. So mostly everyone is proud of one’s abilities.

There is nothing wrong in being proud of oneself. But at the same time we should be aware that Krishna is the source of our abilities.

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 7 verse 8) that “I am the ability in man” – Paurusam nrsu.

If we realize that it is due to Krishna’s mercy that I was given the ability to accomplish the difficult task, then our pride is not deplorable. Such pride is welcome because it puts things into the spiritual perspective and glorifies Krishna.

But however if we are very proud our material qualifications without realizing Krishna’s mercy, then such pride is worthy to be condemned because such sentiments are material in nature and therefore false.

It is Krishna who supplies us with the infrastructure to accomplish difficult tasks. It is due to Krishna’s mercy that we are breathing – we have no control over our breathing, over our limbs, eyesight, etc. If such facilities are withdrawn by Krishna, then there wouldn’t be anything left to be proud of ourselves.

So we should realize that our ability is due to Krishna and if we are proud of the fact that Krishna has given us that ability, then there is nothing wrong in being proud of ourselves. This is Krishna consciousness.

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