By  His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Caitanya Mahāprabhu has given one line of Vaishnava behavior: asat-sanga tyāga ei vaishnava ācāra [Cc. Madhya 22.87]. Simply give up these rascals’ association. Rascal means the Māyāvādī, karmī, jnānī, yogi – they are all rascals. It is our open declaration. So we have to give up the company of these rascals. If we are actually serious about advancing in Krishna consciousness, we should not mix with them. We should not even invite them. Neither we shall take their foodstuff or accept their foodstuff.

Dadāti pratigrhnāti bhunkte bhojayate ca… guhyam ākhyāti prcchati ca; bhunkte bhojayate caiva sad-vidhah prīti-laksanam. If you want to make friends (prīti), then these six kinds of dealings must be there. Dadāti means one must give something to the other, a friend. Just like I am friend – you are friend. I give you something – in return you give me something. dadāti pratigrhnāti; guhyam ākhyāti prcchati ca. I open my mind to you – you also inquire confidential things from me. And then bhunkte bhojayate. Whatever you give me, I eat. And whatever I give – you eat. By these six kinds of dealing, prīti, love increases.

So in our Krishna consciousness movement, we practice this. As far as possible, we are giving and taking. We have made this life membership program whereby we are giving our books, knowledge. Whatever little knowledge we possess, we have written in our books and we are giving them, “Take it.” And they are also giving, “Take these eleven hundred rupees.” So this is dadāti pratigrhnāti. And they also come here to inquire, “Swamiji, your movement is very nice. What is the meaning of this? What is the meaning of that?” Guhyam ākhyāti, they express their mind. Prcchati. They explain, “This is my position. I cannot do it. How can I do it?” And the Vaishnavas reply them. Then we invite them in our love feast. In all our centers, we have got this arrangement. We invite everyone: “Come on, take prasādam.”

And if somebody gives us something to eat, we also eat, provided he’s not a Māyāvādī, karmī, jnānī. Otherwise, we should not take. We cannot accept anything from this class of men, the atheist class. Sangāt sanjāyate kāmah. If we associate with these Māyāvādī atheist class, karmī, jnānī, yogi, then we will infect their quality. So if we infect the Māyāvādī quality, karmī quality, jnānī quality, yogi quality… I see some of the students, they still practice some yoga āsana. That quality is not yet free. But this is nonsense. By promise, we should not associate with any of their qualities.

asat-sanga-tyāga-ei vaishnava-ācāra
strī-sangī-eka asādhu krsnābhakta āra

 [Cc. Madhya 22.87]

“asat” means bad element, bad association. So asat-sanga. We have to give up asat.

“So who is asat, Sir?”

Caitanya Mahāprabhu in the next line gives: “asat eka strī-sangī.” One asat is strī-sangī. Strī-sangī means attached to women. He’s asat.

And another is krishna-abhakta—one who is not a devotee of Krishna.  So these Māyāvādīs, karmī, jnānī, yogi, they are not krishna-bhaktas. They say, “Krishna is not God. I am God.” This is their version. Therefore they’re rascals. They declare, “I am God. You are God. But Krishna is not God.”

“Except Krishna, everyone is God.” This is their version.

[An excerpt from a Srimad Bhagavatam 1.10.13 lecture delivered on June 26, 1973 in Mayapur, West Bengal]

To hear the full lecture, download the free mp3 audio file.

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  1. God and soul are one. That has been scientifically proven true. I am sorry to say this, but it is you who will have to mind his ways, sir. God doesn’t resides in an outer planet. God is not a supernatural extraterrestrial being and there is no heaven or hell.


    • Dear Ms. Nilalohita,

      Science does not believe in the existence of soul or God. So where is the question of “God and soul being scientifically proven as one and the same.”

      Wherefrom have you got your so-called scientific knowledge?

      Moreover your comment is out of place. Please make comments that are germane to the blogpost. Don’t pass your stereotypical comments.

      First read the blog post and then make sure that your comments are related to the subject matter of the blog post.

      Thanks. Hare Krishna!
      Niraj Bidawatka, Editor


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