A devotee chanting Hare Krishna in front of Tulasi Devi

Devotee: How is it possible that Tulasi-devī, what we might call a plant, is a pure devotee?

Prabhupāda: That you cannot know in your impure state. You just become pure and then you will understand. Just like a physician – he can understand the position of another physician. The layman, what can he understand? If you say, “Oh, how can I understand this physician?” But how can you understand? You are not a physician. First you have to become a physician, only then will you understand what kind of a physician he is. So, only when you become a devotee, you will understand what kind of a devotee is Tulasi. So long you are not a devotee, you cannot understand. Don’t expect. Therefore we have to accept the authority. That is beginning. The śāstra says, “Tulasi is the greatest devotee of Krishna.” We have to accept, that’s all. Authority – this is called accepting the authority. “How is she such a great devotee?” “That you will understand when you become a devotee.” First you come to the platform; then you will understand, not before. Now chant.


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