By Dr. Swati Kapish Gupta (PhD, M.Phil)


Everyone is alone in this world and rightly so. But more than that – everyone feels lonely in this life; and some are more lonesome than others. Isn’t it surprising that inspite of living in this rapid Hi-tech Global Universe of Social Networking, where everyone is connected at the touch of a button, we are increasingly getting isolated. Stress and insecurity are entrenched deeply in each person’s psyche. In this ever shrinking world of Facebook and Instant Messaging, we are surrounded by our Frenemies (friend + enemy) whom one cannot trust, but have to humor them – just to be “in the league”. Breach of trust is common. Failed friendships/ relationships, fragmented families are the norm of the day.

 Each soul is pining away for That Someone, in whom all the secrets can be confided and all the cares can be entrusted; That Someone, who is intelligent enough to walk with us through the meandering alleys of life and who is strong enough to shield us in times of crushing despair. We are all on the lookout for that perfect lover who will love us so much that everything enticing will lose its charm forever. We all want that perfect buddy who will always be with us even when the entire world is going to dogs…It’s true. Isn’t it?

 An elusive trail of Maya deludes everyone in this eternal quest for That Someone Perfect. Unknown to us, this intense longing for that perfect relationship is our ongoing eternal voyage to come closer to the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna – our true father, friend and beloved.           The entire suffering of our collective as well as individual entity lies in the sole fact that we are disconnected with Krishna and we have forgotten our true relationship of unalloyed love with Him. We are mired in the petty affairs of the base material world. Each time we try to find solace arising from this prakriti, we are strangled anew with different throes of woes.

 For those who are not aware of Krishna’s glory, a natural question arises, “Why should we adore Lord Krishna?” The answer to this is revealed in the reams of Srimad Bhagavatam and in the erudite commentaries of Gaudiya parampara acharyas like Madhvacharya and Prabhupada.

 But in the layman’s lingo, who would not want a friend who saves you from all the perils of day to day life without compromising on the fun part – like Krishna did with His cowherd pals. Who would like to be bereft of such a selfless friend who goes all out to coronate you and remains humbly in the background – like Krishna did with the Pandavas. Who in their right senses would not like to be associated with a Persona who is unparalleled in the universe in strength, beauty, wealth, fame and intellect?

 The Supreme Lord is easily attainable in spite of possessing entire opulence of the universe. He Himself says in the Bhagavad-gita (9.29), “Whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend and I am also a friend to him.”  Lord Shri Krishna is love incarnate and it does not require much to melt His butter-like heart. He Himself is delivering us from the material dilemma by proclaiming, “If one offers Me with love and devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or a little water, I will accept it.” (Bg.9.26)

 Our Supreme Lord and Beloved is waiting for us, hands outstretched to take us to our spiritual position, near Him. How long it takes us to return to our spiritual home to Sri Krishna simply depends on how we allow ourselves to be influenced or controlled by the material impulses and desires which bind us to this material existence.

 Lord Krishna is Love Incarnate and to be conscious of His beatific presence in our lives and perform all our daily chores befitting His pleasure, all through our living moments is what Krishna consciousness is all about.


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