By Niraj Bidawatka

The regular chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra cleans the heart of all impurities such as greed and lust.

This is the peculiar quality of Kaliyuga, the present age of quarrel and hypocrisy, that innocent people are attacked whereas the ruffians are protected. The government, whose job is to protect the pious and punish the rogues, is employing the police to attack a saint who wants the government to take action against the corrupt. If there would have been, in place of the holy man, a person from some other background leading the agitation, the scoundrel rulers wouldn’t have dared to attack him. Scoundrels cannot tolerate saints and are always on a lookout for an excuse to attack them.

Prahlada Maharaja, an innocent five year old boy was attacked by his own demon father, because he was engaged in chanting the holy name of Krishna. Haridas Thakur was flogged in twenty-two market places because the rulers could not tolerate his chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. Jesus was crucified and Mohammad was also attacked because they were preaching the glories of the Supreme Lord. So the demons are always looking out for an opportunity to attack the saints.

But when it comes to taking action against the corrupt and the criminals, they diligently follow the rules of the Constitution. They express their inability to take law into their hands and let the law take its own course. There are ministers who have deliberately allowed tonnes of foodgrains to get destroyed, abetted price-rise of essential commodities; there are businessmen who have fleeced the government of billions of dollars and policemen who have commited rapes and killed innocent men in false encounters; the list is endless. These are the people who should be attacked and killed instantaneously. But scoundrels will not attack someone of their own flock. Therefore, two of the wealthiest tycoons of India, are not arrested in the 2G telecom scam, although top-level executives of their respective companies have been put behind bars.

They want to accuse the saints of possessing assets running into billions in order to distract the attention of the innocent public. They however do not know that the assets are meant for the spiritual upliftment of the general populace unlike the possessions of the worldly man, who wants to build a twenty-two storied mansion for his family of five souls to stay in.

As far as dealing with the scourge of corruption is concerned, it can be completely eradicated if even twenty five percent of the present world population takes up the chanting of the Hare Krishna mahamantra. The root cause of corruption is the dirty heart and only the Hare Krishna mantra has the potency of cleaning the heart of all impurities such as greed and lust. A person possessing a clean heart does not indulge in corrupt and sinful activities.

Therefore the governments across the world do not want to give whole-hearted support to the activities of the Hare Krishna movement because they know that if this movement grows, then their corrupt activities will come to an end. The rule of Lord Rama (rāma-rājya) will come into effect. But ironically, demons like Ravana do not want the Lord to rule.



  1. I fully endorse the views expressed by the author & compliment him for his articles laced in current affairs & co relation to the Supreme Head as the means to the end which is never ending till one removes the dust on the soul & becomes pure.

    I do not subscribe to the view that governments are stopping the KRISHNA movement.

    Let the excesses be committed for at the height of Kaliyug Lord Krishna will emerge in a new Avtar & Ram Rajya will prevail.


  2. I am in complete agrrement with the views of the author. I am a firm believer that it is the truth , which ultimately triumphs and demons would meet their end . Though the corrution is a major issue, the much larger issue is the imminent threat to the survival of the human race due to horrified human induced climate changes . The humanity across globe is the victim of its own making. The unmindful use of natural resources viz fuel , water and minerals have brought us to such a pass.

    With the enormous following, the saints of the world are capable of creating a green revolution or a new thought cult , with the motive to bring about realignment of the human race with the nature. This needs immediate attention so as to promise sustuinable future for the forthcoming generations.


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