Audio Lectures of Srila Prabhupada: Bhagavad Gita Chapters 1 & 2

All of Us Should Hear Prabhupada

The most important item is sravanam, or hearing. If you do not do anything else but simply sincerely hear about God, then gradually you will become God conscious. That is also true in the material science. The students go to the school, college, and hear from the professor, and gradually he becomes learned in that subject matter. We have got many sense organs, out of which the aural sense, or the hearing sense, is very important. Therefore, for spiritual understanding, we have to use this ear. If one hears of spiritual knowledge through the authorized person, the devotee, then he relishes taste in spiritual life. And when one cultivates that stage, then, gradually, he becomes a devotee and understands what is God. 

– Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


The following lectures  were delivered by His Divine Grace A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA in London (1973)

Chapter 1 verse no. 1      Material World Means…        Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 2      Death Is God                        Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 4      Everything, Even…                      Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 7      Vaisnavism Is Not Cowardism         Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 10   The KC Movement Should Touch…     Download 


Chapter 1 verse no. 11    Wanting To Be Cheated            Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 13    People Want To Be Cheated         Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 15    Spiritual etc                       Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 16    Everybody Wants To Be Served       Download


Chapter 1 verse no. 20    1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Rascals        Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 21    Fallible and Infallible Religion     Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 23    How to Enjoy Real Bliss                  Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 24    If You Stay With…                 Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 26    Society, Friendship and Love       Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no. 28    Art of Preaching                  Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.30     Expanded Selfishness          Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.31      Immediate vs. Ultimate Good      Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.32     Shortcut to Spiritual Knowledge   Listen | Download  
Chapter 1 verse no.36     Devotee Has All Good Qualities          Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.37     The Way to Save Society            Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.40    The Psychology of Chastity       Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.41     Relief from Today’s Hell          Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.43     There Is Only One Remedy         Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.44     Rascal Says Krishna Is Immoral      Listen | Download
Chapter 1 verse no.45      Krishna’s Order Is Final            Listen | Download


Chapter 2 verse no.2       Becoming Spiritually Masterful      Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.3      Special Senses are Required      Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.4      When to Reject Guru                     Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.6      How to Utilize Fighting Spirit   Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.7      You Must Approach Krishna      Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.8      Surpassing These Senses       Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.9      Satisfying the Senses & the Heart  Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.10    Arjuna, Playing the Role of a Rascal  Listen|Download
Chapter 2 verse no.11    You’re Talking Like a Learned –etc    Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.12    What Abortionists Don’t Know        Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.13    I Am Not This Cage            Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.14    The Skin Disease         Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.15    Don’t Cheat Others      Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.16    Nonexistent and Existent           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.17    We Are Individuals Eternally           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.18    The Soul Will Not Be Killed               Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.19    Dogs and Cats Don’t Need Freud        Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.21    Your Body Is Ready, Sir–Come!           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.23    You Are a Sample of Krishna          Listen | Download  
Chapter 2 verse no.25    Relieving Our Bodily Burden            Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.26    Why Lament Over Chemicals           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.28    Materialists–What Do They Know       Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.30    Matter Grows on Platform of Spirit     Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.31     Duties of the Body and Soul        Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.32    Government Must Be Very Strict      Listen | Download 
Chapter 2 verse no.33    Dishonor Is Worse than Death           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.36    Compassion On the Battlefield           Listen | Download
Chapter 2 verse no.39    Supreme Deceiver and Lover         Listen | Download



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