Bhagavan and the Man

By Prathamesh Kamat

The man was desperate and asked, “Oh God! Where are you?”

Krishna replied, “Look child, I am in you.”

Then the man said, “Oh Bhagavan, but you cannot be seen!”

Damodar replied, “I can only be seen to the eyes which are keen.”

The man enquired, “How can I believe that you are there?”

Keshav replied, “Child, I am the one who gives you life and throughout it takes your care!”

The man commented, “But people still suffer a lot!”

Madhav replied, “It is to make them strong so that they can rejoice over the battles they fought.”

The man still asked, “When will these suffering be put to end?”

Govind replied, “When the people will triumph and onto them it will depend.”

The man interrogated, “Won’t you help in this thing?”

Murlidhar replied, “I will give you the lyrics, but it is you who has to sing!”

The man then said, “Oh Bhagavan! In these times of despair, I need you!”

Bhagavan replied, “Don’t worry, positive actions with my blessings will get you through!”


Bhagavan is a sanskrit word which means God, the possessor of all opulences. Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is therefore addressed as Bhagavan in the Bhagavad gita. The following names cited in the poem above, are different names of Krishna:

Damodara      Once Mother Yashoda tied Krishna to a grinding mortar with a rope around His stomach. Hence He is known as Damodara, the one who is bound by a rope around the stomach. Dama means Rope and udara means Stomach

Keshava          Krishna killed a demon named Kesi, hence is known as Keshava.

Madhava        Krishna is the husband of the goddess of fortune and hence is known as Madhava

Govinda          One who gives pleasure to the senses and the cows. The cows are called go and the senses are also called go in Sanskrit

Murlidhara     Krishna always carries a flute and therefore he is called Murlidhara.


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