NUCLEAR MELTDOWN IN JAPAN — Another Gift of the Great Modern Scientists

By Niraj Bidawatka

A major nuclear accident is being termed as a nuclear meltdown in order to blur the understanding of the general public. This is a tactic used by cheaters, who use their skills of sophism to mislead the public. They make simple things difficult so that the common man may not understand. If they say in pure simple terms that a major accident has occurred, then their misdeeds and mistakes will come under public eye. However, if they term it as a nuclear meltdown, then people will think that it is something technical and thus being unable to understand it, they will not bother to think or discuss much about it. This is what they tried to do for the first three days thinking that they would be able to hush up the matter but unfortunately things have gone out of their control.

The accident in the nuclear power plant of Japan has resulted in major radiation leaks which will affect the health of millions of people in the region. This is all due to the so-called great thinkers of the modern world, the scientists who have caused this catastrophe due to their imperfect and deficient knowledge.

The sanskrit term for science is vijnana, which means vishisht jnana or special knowledge. Thus the knowledge that puts an end to all sufferings can be termed as real science. However, we find that the knowledge of the modern scientists is simply resulting in more and more sufferings and therefore it cannot be termed as real science.

Only Krishna consciousness can be termed as real science as it can put an end to all sufferings. The chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra can stop the sufferings of repeated death, old age and disease. Although the imperfect scientists cannot do this, but still they are very proud of their knowledge.

It is being said that electricity is in short supply and the only solution is nuclear power generation. “After all, electricity is essential and therefore nuclear power plants are required”, they aver. When I brought this to the knowledge of my mother, she countered it, “It will do, even if there is no electricity; at least people will not die due to lack of electricity. But these nuclear plants will result in un-timely deaths of so many people.”

Even if there are no accidents, they can be soft targets for the terrorists or even the insiders. Recently, a disgruntled scientist of a nuclear research center in Mumbai, vented out his displeasure with the management by planting radioactive material in the water cooler of the premises. His colleagues, who drank water from it, became sick.
Please note that such sickness is not benign like natural ailments since it can cause severe lifelong damage to the body.

It is mentioned in the Bhagavad gita (15.6) that the abode of Krishna is self-illumined and thus there is no need of electricity on His planet. The sun and the moon are also conspicuous by their absence in the spiritual sky. One who reaches the abode of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, does not come back to this dark material sky.
Since the material world is dark, we need luminaries such as the sun and the moon as well as electricity. In the material sky, only the sun is self-illumined but in the spiritual sky, all the innumerable Vaikuntha planets are self-illuminated. Since there is no need of
electricity in Krishna’s abode, there would be no need of dangerous nuclear power plants. Therefore the Hare Krishna Revolution advises everyone to go back to the spiritual abode of Krishna in order to live an eternally blissful life, free from miseries such as birth, old age
and disease.


2 thoughts on “NUCLEAR MELTDOWN IN JAPAN — Another Gift of the Great Modern Scientists

  1. There is no doubt that Lord Krishna’s abode is the ultimate destination to free us from the cycle of birth & death & avoid catch 1084 situation.

    Modern science may have given a nuclear accident but it has also given us various tools to spread HIS word like the Internet, Television etc

    I am sure Krishna consciousness can be spread in an impartial manner without being cynical or sarcastic or condemning others OR are such references being made to make the article hard hitting & drive the correct point with anger?


    • Dear Mr. Bharath,
      One can’t accuse us of being cynical or sarcastic because we have provided a constructive and alternative solution to the problem of power shortage. The article is giving information that the planet of Krishna does not require any electricity and therefore one should strive to go back to His planet. So where is the question of being cynical? When one calls a thief a thief, it is not condemnation or criticism. It is a fact and great service done to the public at large. So when we are pointing out the mistakes of the scientists, we are just presenting the facts. If someone comes to know that a particular vendor is selling adulterated and sub-standard commodities, and he brings it to the knowledge of all the consumers, then one cannot accuse him of being cynical. Cheaters may call it criticism because it hinders their cheating business but it is a great service done to all parties involved including the cheater since such an act will put a stop to his sinful activities, thereby saving him from the bad results of karma.

      As far as the point of condemnation that you have raised, we wish to inform that it is the scientists who condemn the process of devotional service and disregard the existence of God. Since the modern society is impressed by the minuscule inventions of the scientists, they regard them as seers of truth and fall prey to their atheistic theories of non-existence of future births, etc. This has resulted in people getting more and more engaged in sinful activities because they have no knowledge that they will have to pay for them, if not in this birth then in the next birth. This is one of the reasons why businessmen and politicians are becoming increasingly corrupt. So, the condemnation of the scientists, who blaspheme a pure path, is entirely correct. However, if you find it hard-hitting, then we take it as a compliment because the truth is always hard-hitting and difficult to swallow.

      We are spreading Krishna consciousness in an impartial manner because we do not discrimate against anyone. The scientists are also welcome to join our movement. Many eminent scientists such as Micheal Cremo, Thoudam Singh and Richard Thompson have joined the Hare Krishna movement. We are giving the highest and most valuable knowledge openly and freely to everyone, unlike petty hearted businessmen and corrupt politicians, who save their treasure chest for themselves and for their kith and kin. We do not charge for teaching the supreme knowledge of the Bhagavatam and theBhagavad Gita, whereas, the institutions imparting mediocre knowledge of medical science and management studies are charging astronomical sums running into millions. Please note that most of the educational institutions, at least in India, are run by businessmen and politician, who have turned the field of education into a good source of tax-free income. I think you should raise the issue of impartiality with these big business houses and political stalwarts, who charge lakhs of rupees as annual fees in their international schools.

      The scientists have not invented the Internet or the Television with aim of spreading the Supreme Lord’s word, as you have tried to portray. It is the ingenuity of the devotees and preachers of the Holy Name that they are putting the inventions of the scientists to good use since they are expert at using anything and everything in the service of Krishna. God is not dependent on the Internet or the Television because He is svarāt, or independent. In fact the Internet and the television and all the so-called futuristic gadgets are a hindrance on the path of self-realisation. From the material point of view also, they are simply causing disturbance. The activities of the terrorists have spiraled in the last decade because the internet and the mobile phones have made their task easy. Recently there was a study conducted which revealed that web surfing has led to increased divorce-rates. There is one sunny side also. The opticians’ business has increased manifold due to the invention of the television and the internet because the eyesight of the people is getting weaker.

      The inventions of the scientists such as the airplane, motor car, television, internet, or the telephone are not something new. They have existed since eternity. During the Mahabharat war, Sanjay was given the facility of the television by Vyasa Muni. It is mentioned in the Brahma Samhita that the pure devotees of the Supreme Lord are always connected “online” with Him and always behold Him within their hearts: premanjana chhurita bhakti vilocanena santah sadaiva hrdeysu vilokayanti. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, we find mention of Kardama Muni’s airplane which was as big as a city with great opulence. It included lakes, gardens, streets, and houses, and the whole city was able to fly all over the universe. In that plane, Kardama Muni traveled with his wife and showed her all the planets. This incident relates to the Satya yuga which was millions of years ago. Such airplanes, unlike modern airplanes, run with the help of mantra and not yantra (machine). There is no risk of accident or leaving carbon footprints either. However such facilities as the internet and the television were not given in the previous ages to the general public at large but were confined to highly spiritually advanced personalities because there is a high probability of misuse. We can see that today they are being misused and abused as is evident by the increasing rate of cyber crimes and terrorism.

      We request you to put forward more questions in the future and pinpoint our mistakes because such discussions lead to higher realizations. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says that one should not shy away from philosophical discussions thinking them to be controversial since such talks make one’s mind stronger and more attached to Krishna. We beg your pardon if we have hurt your feelings. Thanks and Hare Krishna.


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